Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Day in the Life

i am manic
crazy too
really crazy, more than you

cant tell whats real
its hard to know
it really makes me want to go

the voices tell me what to do
theyre in my head all day all night
so strange, so wierd, so hard to fight

so weary yet so restless
i go all night, all day
will it ever go away

the doctor says he'll help me
he does his best to try
however i still want to die

the grief, the pain, the torture
for me, family and friends
it surely never ends

on and on and on and on
head spins and spins and spins
here i go, another night begins

another night of fear
of terror and of shaking
a horror movie, right here in the making

shadows are distorted, sinister
i run and i hide
please get me off this ride

sleep is so elusive
each minute is an hour
as i sit here and i cower

everything is scary
the voices say to die
i try to convince myself that it is just a lie

i wait for the sunrise
to tell me night is done
unfortunately another day has begun