Sunday, October 18, 2009

I am in the Bighouse

Well I am back in the nuthouse. Have been here 11 days now with no end in sight. I ask every day when am I getting out of here and so far the answer has been about 6 weeks from now. Not sure if I will make it through...I am dying of boredom. I am not allowed to go outside or leave the hospital at least at this stage.

So my day consists of mind-numbing group therapy sessions followed up with tons of mind numbiing questions from the staff and doctors. Are they trying to make me more crazy? I took an overdose of pills and that is how I ended up here and it looks like here I will stay for a while.

The only entertainment here is when someone gets out of control and gets dragged off the floor and tied down or injected with the sleeping potions.

Okay my 10 minute time limit on the computer is used up now. I will keep everyone posted.