Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Remember You All

Dedicated to the memory of
Mr. H.,
and the countless others who fought valiant battles but whose light was extinguished too soon. The illness took your life but not your memory.


this illness, so much that it has taken
it has left me weak, lost, and forsaken

i cannot fight the mighty tide
nowhere to run, no place to hide

i try to flee it hunts me down
i try to fight, it tries to drown

i struggle and i try to swim
my light is fading, getting dim

i search for any beacon in the night
there is no hope, there is no light

i am tossed about and set asunder
will it ever stop, i doubt, i wonder

i glance about and you appear
please hold me close, please draw me near

you are so good and always there
i know you love me, know you care

you reach for me, offer your hand
provide a safe place for me to land

i want to take you up on your kind offer
accept the encouragement and smile you proffer

but all that i survey is dark
it takes a toll, its left its mark

please listen to my every word
this story of mine it must be heard

i start to drift, you are still there
have no doubt, i know you care

i reached for you but lost my grasp
sorry you will witness my last gasp

i fought the beast with all my might
it wore me down, i lost the fight

it seems today that i will die
but rest assured at peace i lie

i fought the battles, lost the war
so now i knock at heaven's door

my spirit was broken, torn and shattered
but please tell the people that my life mattered

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